Why over-thinking is not recommended

An article about my observation on unnecessary mindfulness

Known is a drop, unknown is an Ocean

Firstly we have to accept the fact that we are capable of thinking only about those that we already know (which resides in our memory).

Our memory is a limited resource.

Random access memory

The worst part about our mind is that it doesn’t fetch all the records that exists in our memory at once. It picks random blocks and makes us to come to a conclusion based on those limited memory blocks. That’s the reason why we tend to make different decisions at different times for the same matter.

Mind picks memory randomly “every“ time


Based on these factors it is clear that mind is not an efficient engine which you could keep throttling all the time. Use it when you need a decision making assistance and let it go when you don’t need it.

This can be achieved with practise through Yoga. It works!

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